Best known for being featured in the movies “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory,” the clownfish has become a popular aquarium pet. Nemo and his dad, Marlin, are ocellaris clownfish, also called false clownfish or clown anemonefish. Anemonefish are so-named for the sea anemones in which they make their homes. There are 28 species of anemonefish, and they come in many colors, such as pink, red, yellow, black, brown and multi-colored stripes.
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  • Clarkii Clownfish

    The Clarkii Clownfish from the Coral Sea, is also known as the Clark's Anemonefish or Clark's Clownfish. It has a reddish-brown base color with white stripes and an orange forehead...
  • Tank Raised Ocellaris Clownfish

    Clownfish continue to be one of the most popular marine fish in the aquarium trade. There are few fish that are as beautiful and entertaining as the clownfish and with...
  • Percula Clownfish

    The Ocellaris Clownfish is the most common Clown varient known, It is also known as the False Percula Clownfish, False Clown Anemonefish and Anemone Demoiselle. The Ocellaris Clownfish is located...
  • Tank Raised Gold Stripe Marron Clownfish

    photo is of fully grown fish for sale are 3 to 4 cm color not showing yet. The Gold Stripe Maroon Clownfish is the largest species of clownfish and can...
  • Fire Clownfish

    The Fire Clownfish if the only Clownfish which does not have striping as an adult. In the juvenile stage, this fish has a white head band that remains through the...
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