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  • Semi Angelfish Juv

    Koran Angelfish Juvenile - Pomacanthus semicirculatus: The Koran is one of the seventy-four described species of the marine angelfish family, Pomacanthidae. The genus and family names include the Greek word...
  • Semi Angelfish Large

    The Koran or Angelfish is also known as the Semicircle Angelfish, Halfcircled Angelfish and the Blue Koran Angelfish. It is also sometimes referred to as the Blue Angelfish, but this...
  • Semicircle Angelfish Show Size

    The Koran Angelfish or Semicircle Angelfish, Pomacanthus semicirculatus , is said to be the easiest of the Pomacanthus angels. To a certain extent that is true. They have the same...
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