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  • Blue Spotted Puffer

    The Blue Spotted Puffer may also be called the Blue Dot Toby or Blue Dot Sharp-nosed Puffer. Members of theCanthigaster genus are called Sharp-nosed Puffers or Tobies. The Blue Spotted Puffer Canthigaster...
  • Fingerprint Toby

    Has a temperature range of 77 - 82°F (25 - 28°C) and feeds upon benthic invertebrate and sponges. Rarely seen in the trade. Requires an enriched meaty diet with some...
  • Long Horn Cowfish

    Longhorn Cowfish, Lactoria cornuta, are a extraordinarily unique aquarium addition that have a specialized set of care requirements necessary for successful captive livelihood. Of utmost importance, this fish must be...
  • Porcupine Puffer

    Porcupinefish are fish of the family Diodontidae, (order Tetraodontiformes), also commonly called blowfish (and, sometimes, balloonfish and globefish). They are sometimes collectively (but erroneously) called pufferfish,[1] not to be confused...
  • Valentini Puffer

    Valentini Puffer, Canthigaster valentini, is also known as the Valentini Sharpnose Puffer or the Black Saddle Puffer. Its white body is covered with dark brown dots. A few different black...
  • Yellow Boxfish

    The Cubicus Boxfish is also referred to as the Yellow Boxfish, Polka Dot Boxfish, or Cube Boxfish. The juvenile form is easily identifiable as having a yellow box-shaped body with...
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