Neptune Systems Apex Aquarium Controller

Neptune Systems Apex Aquarium Controller

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Origin: Ocean Captured Import
Brand: Neptune

Neptune Systems Apex Aquarium Controller with Lab Ph ProbeHigh Resolution Backlit displayInternet ConnectivitySoftware Control - Mac, Pc, Mobile, Tablet, Ipad, Iphone and Android Phones.LED Dimming and Pump Control options12 Volt Power Capability and UPS optionEnergy bar for power switching on/off modesPower failure detectionLong Life Temperature......



Neptune Systems Apex Aquarium Controller with Lab Ph Probe

  • High Resolution Backlit display
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Software Control - Mac, Pc, Mobile, Tablet, Ipad, Iphone and Android Phones.
  • LED Dimming and Pump Control options
  • 12 Volt Power Capability and UPS option
  • Energy bar for power switching on/off modes
  • Power failure detection
  • Long Life Temperature Probe
  • Lab Grade Ph Probe

  • When comparing automated controlled systems for Aquariums the Neptune Apex stands front and center with its value for money and delivering what use to be only available from more expensive models The Apex system brings you all the information to you on either the high grade large display or connect it to a router and have information delivered to a multitude of devices displaying in easy to read graph format or control the system itself.

    The Apex system also grows with your aquarium needs and can save you money - for instance if you want to add control pumps like the electronic Tunze 6055 normally you would need to buy the controller as well as the pump but with the Apex unit you only need to purchase the pump and a cable to be connected to the Apex unit and not only that it can extend the life of pumps with its soft start process How the soft start process works is that it gradually increases the speed/torque of the rather than the increased strain of a forced full speed start.

    Not only can you use the timer effects but with some light models you can also control the dimming effect giving you total control.

    The Ph probe that comes with the Apex unit is not your normal run of the mill probe it is a Labratory quality probe designed for long life submerged durability.

    Also included is the temperature probe which is very sensitive to give you accurate results.

    The thing that topped off the system and really blew my mind was the seasonal control which I have not seen in a sub $1000 system that has been crafted to produce great results I like my L-Number catfish and using this system I can see the value of the seasonal setting which does not just give a basic change it can reproduce the temperature, sunrise/sunset and moon phases and the changes over the year

    If you want to create a true bio type aquarium it makes it very hard to pass on the Apex system and with the season changes might just be what is required for some of those hard to breed fish and brings the outside conditions inside.

    Support is important with automated systems and the manual is written in easy to read English and you can see that it has not been translated into English Support is also available from Neptune Systems and if you have some idea's or want some idea's there is also a forum dedicated to their system To keep up to date is must and Neptune also have that covered with firmware and software updates.

    There are so many things that you can do and add to the system there are just too many to list.

    I also like the way the Energy Bar comes Australian Plug connections which shows the way they are supporting their product in Australia.

    The warranty is also supported and covered in Australia by the Australian Distributor and is only available when purchased though authorised resellers to which we are happy to be an Australian Authorised Retailer of the Apex Units and accessories

    The same Australian Distributor is also the Tunze Service Center which is second to none and deliver fast efficient service so you know you are in good hands.

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