Kessil Ap700 Series Led Light

Kessil Ap700 Series Led Light

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Kessil AP700 LED LightFirst Panel Fixture Perfect Coverage. Awesome Colours. Excellent Growth. Hybrid Optics "Hybrid Optics" simulate the effect of a Metal Halide T5 Combo. Our specially designed lens and reflector combination provides a broader delivery of light and superior penetration. This virtually......


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Kessil AP700 LED Light

First Panel Fixture

Perfect Coverage Awesome Colours Excellent Growth

Hybrid Optics

"Hybrid Optics" simulate the effect of a Metal Halide T5 Combo

Our specially designed lens and reflector combination provides a broader delivery of light and superior penetration This virtually eliminates shading while minimising hot spots

Maximum Coverage

The new "Hybrid Optics" combine with the two latest generation of Dense Matrix LED arrays, giving up to 48" of coverage

The AP700 has been designed and tested to consistently provide the best spectrum and delivery for coral growth and colouration

For a Mixed reef:

Coverage is 48"x24" hanging 15"-18" above water surface

For an SPS dominant:

Coverage is 36"x24" hanging 5"-7" above water surface

WiFi Controllability

The iPad app gives users access to advanced manual control and program customization, as well as offering the ability to sync groups of lights App features include full color control, acclimation, lunar cycle, weather effects, and more


The Kessil shimmer effect gives your tank a beautiful, natural, sunlit look comparable to the shimmer of a Metal Halide fixture

It's like replicating your own piece of the ocean

Full Colour Spectrum

The new generation Dense Matrix LED brings aquarium lighting colours to a new level Full Colour Spectrum is now available for the AP700

With the iPad app, users can choose a range of blue from Deep Ocean Blue to Sky Blue, and can even select other colours such as green, yellow, red and purple for a different aesthetic

Colour Mixing

Different wavelengths within a single LED array are seamlessly blended, emitting a uniform color with widespread coverage

Kessil Logic

Independently adjustable color channels enable users to tune a preferred colour within the spectral range while maintaining the best usable spectrum for coral growth and colouration

Kessil Logic maintains consistent output across the spectrum, Sky Blue to Deep Ocean Blue


Patented Dense Matrix LED technology concentrates multiple LED chips into a single array, creating a powerful light source that offers better and deeper penetration without sacrificing coverage The maximum penetration can be 24"-30" from the water surface for most reefs

The penetration is even greater by spacing units closer together or with the use of AP700 optical accessories


No matter which spectral point is chosen with the tunable spectrum, Kessil's proprietary blend of precision UV light encourages coral colouration


Compact and sleek design features quiet operation, innovative heat management, and efficient, long-lasting LED construction

This design also allows for more mounting/hanging options: Mounting Arms, Canopy Kit, and Hanging Kit


  • Fixture Dimensions 51cm x 16cm x 4cm
  • Unit Weight 2.18kg
  • Coverage Area 122cm x 61cm
  • Power Supply 100-240 VAC (Input), 48 VDC (Output)
  • Power Usage 185W

  • Personal Review from talented local reefer and Admin on MAFA - Mr Shane Danger Coleman writes....

    Having one last little play with the soon to be released Kessil AP700 Aquarium Panel I absolutely cannot wait to own 1 or 2 of these in the near future

    I'm almost at a loss for words as to how grateful I am to Arj at Addicted2Fish for giving me a loan of this unit to test and review They come beautifully boxed and I'm not even slightly ashamed to say that seeing the lid open to reveal the AP700 was one of the coolest things I've seen in the aquarium hobby so far They use a Mean Well PSU and a smart clip together cable connection to get you set up easily

    The AP700 is a sleek and relatively light weight unit capable of sufficiently lighting my entire 4' X 3' (1220mm x 900mm) aquarium footprint at a height of 1' (300mm) above the water Some large shadow areas around the back are not easily noticed from the main viewing angles and are mainly due to the taller rock structure on the left hand side of the aquarium Due to this I would still keep at least two of my current Kessil A360WE units and mount them further out for shadow reduction...

    Or It wouldn't take me much convincing to lash out and purchase two of the AP700's and run them both at a much lower output to avoid inevitable burns on the coral As the aquarium sits now with four A360WE units over it, the AP700 on its own can replicate over 90% of the illuminated areas on its own! This is due to the fish eye lenses that Kessil have employed on this new release The front control area is an easy to navigate touch sensitive system

    The future smart phone application release will only yield more treats with full spectrum control and programmability over your home WiFi network! The first thing I noticed with a comparison of coral fluorescence was a pleasant improvement in the red and pink shades of my corals and fish The light is also much more crisp and coral fluorescence is sharper over all This I also attribute to the fish eye lenses over the dense matrix LED chips that spread the light much more evenly compared to past releases

    The top mounted cooling fan is edging on totally silent yet it still manages to push a decent volume of air out each end of the unit Over all this unit is everything I expected from Kessil and more, and upon its release I can only expect better with the smart phone app release and the ability to further tweak the spectrum to your exact preference It will be a sad moment to ship this one off soon but I've been extremely lucky to have the early introduction and now I just have to wait in line for the release

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