Blue Treasure 20kg Sps Sea Salt

Blue Treasure 20kg Sps Sea Salt

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Origin: Ocean Captured Import
Brand: SPS Sea Salt 3*6.7kg

Blue Treasure SPS (Hard Coral) Sea Salt is further purified based on Blue Treasure LPS Sea Salt. The new formula of Blue Treasure SPS (Hard Coral) Sea Salt is specialize developed for the growth and breed of SPS (Hard Coral). Specially formulated with SPS (Hard......


Blue Treasure SPS (Hard Coral) Sea Salt is further purified based on Blue Treasure LPS Sea Salt The new formula of Blue Treasure SPS (Hard Coral) Sea Salt is specialize developed for the growth and breed of SPS (Hard Coral) Specially formulated with SPS (Hard Coral) required levels of calcium(Ca), magnesium(Mg), strontium(Sr) and other essential trace elements of natural sea water Also, more Ca, Mg, K and other trace minerals are supplemented so that can keep the enough essencial elements to SPS duing keep and breeding

Only can meet the requriments of keeping and breeding of SPS through change the saltwater mixed by Blue Treasure Sea Salt.     The raw materials of SPS (Hard Coral) Sea Salt are selected from pure, food grade and contain all kinds of trace elements which found in nature seawater, as well as some other special vitamins and protective colloids The sodium chlorid(NaCl)of Blue Treasure Salt is purified from pure, non-polution underground brine It is very rare for the underground brine sources in the world, only there are Bohai Bay and Huanghai Bay rich this kind of underground brine

In addition to this, the Blue Treasure Sea Salt get the formular after many experts research of Ocean University of China,since 1996 year.Blue Treasure Sea Salt take use of the good natural sources and scientific research condition to offer best quality sea salt to the world.   Mainly Trace Elements of SPS Sea Salt:     Items SPS Sea Salt Natural Sea Water (S=35‰) (S=35‰) d(t=24℃) 1.024~1.026 1.025 pH 8.10~8.50 7.8~8.5 KH 7~11 7~9 Na+(mg/L) 9300~9700 9370 Mg2+(mg/L) 1400-1450 1240 K+ (mg/L) 360-410 326 Ca2+(mg/L) 430-450 343 Sr2+(mg/L) 9.0~10.50 6.86 Rb2+(mg/L) 0.11~0.13 0.1 Fe(mg/L) 0.06~0.20 0.01 Li+(mg/L) 0.14~0.16 0.14 Cl-(mg/L) 17300~17800 17000 SO42-(mg/L) 2260~2550 2273 Br-(mg/L) 20~40 56 F-(mg/L) 0.8~1.1 1.1 B(mg/L) 4.0~6.0 3.94         It also contains other mineral trace elements including, manganese(Mn), barium(Ba), selenium(Se), fluoride(F), zinc(Zn), aluminum(Al), nickel(Ni), cesium(Cs),  cobalt(Co), vanadium(V) ,iodine (I), molybdenum(Mo), uranium  (U), titanium (Ti), antimony(Sb), tungsten(W), germanium(Ge), silver(Ag),bismuth(Bi),gallium(Ga), zirconium(Zr), tin(Sn)and water-soluble B1, B12, etc..       It does not contain any harmful elements and nutritive elements, such as nitrate(NO3), phosphate(PO4), and silicate(Si), etc..     The SPS (Hard Coral) Sea Saltcan enhance the absorptive capacity of the marine living organisms.It has a distinct effect for improving immune function of marine living organisms Not only can improve their physique but also maintains the ideal buffer capacity and stable pH It is particularly suitable for sensitive marine aquarium husbandry and cultivation.   Directions for use: Use 6.7 kg of Blue Treasure SPS Sea Salt mix with 50 gallon(190 Litres) of fresh water(RO water recommended) until the salt completely dissolved

At a temperature of 23-25℃/73-77℉, the specific gravity of the saltwater should range from 1.024 to 1.026.   A weekly, partial water change, replacing 10﹪of the total water volume with saltwater prepared with Blue Treasure SPS Sea Salt, will help to maintain the water quality that your live marine organism need for good health.   The Blue Treasure sea salts are used for many years in public aquariums, zoos, and scientific institutions around the world. 



  • BrandSPS Sea Salt 3*6.7kg

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